Ilchi Lee on Spiritual Health

From Ilchi Lee’s book Peaceology for Healing Society

Recognition of innate human spirituality is the most basic premise of spiritual health. That your body is not you but yours, and your mind is not you but yours–that you are more than the sum of mind and body, is the first step toward this recognition. Without recognizing the soul, there can be no spiritual growth. Desire to improve the world is the second aspect of spiritual health. This is natural once you have opened your eyes to your soul. Your soul inherently wants to realize its basic essence of peace and harmony. Finally, to be able to control the flow of information into your brain means having the ability to consciously refuse information that you do not want, and to accept and utilize what you do want. It also means that you are able to throw away information that is impeding your soul’s work. This gives you power to spiritually heal yourself and others. When all of these elements come together, we realize that total health is a state in which we recognize the true purpose of life.

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