Following Your Life’s Purpose by Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee on Following Your Life’s Purpose
From Ilchi Lee’s book The Twelve Enlightenments

Expert and specific knowledge is necessary when you have already chosen your goal in life and are looking for the best method or way to achieve that goal.  They are not necessary for you to choose your life’s goal.  When someone asks you what your goal in life is, what would your reply in return?  That you don’t know yet, that you don’t have enough information to decide, or that you need more data to compute?  That you need to learn more?  But we already know that learning does not necessarily make it easier to make the most important choices in your life.  Do we really need that much knowledge to live “right?”  Learning can be an excuse for putting off your choice.  No matter how much relevant information you have learned or how much knowledge you have attained, you will always feel a conflict and a modicum of self-doubt at the moment of a choice.  Ultimately, it isn’t your knowledge that makes the choice; it is your will and character.

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