If a Lotus were to die without ever blossoming by Ilchi Lee

If a Lotus Were to Die without Ever Blossoming

There is nothing more that goes against the will of the Heavens
Than a lotus dying without ever blossoming its flower.

Not knowing the potential held inside the roots of the lotus
The root will merely rot and become part of the mud
Only when its potential is known will the lotus blossom.

There is no need to grieve over the roots buried in mud
It is because of the mud that we are able to live in this world
Mixing in with all its illusionary forms and permanence.

The mud and the lotus are both precious
The lotus cannot bloom if it is separated from the mud
It is when the body gives itself whole to the mud
That a true lotus will blossom.

And it is only when the lotus blossom comes to be
Do we come to know the eternal world that is
Beyond both the mud and the lotus.

From Ilch Lee’s lecture

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