Acupuncture picks up where traditional medicine leaves off

Acupuncture picks up where traditional medicine leaves off

Most people in the U.S. believe that the quickest way to heal themselves of an injury or illness is to take a pill as prescribed by their physician. However, there are many inspirational stories concerning the successes of other less traditional methods of healing.

For example, a 9-year-old Kentucky girl was recently cured of a chronic pain condition after receiving acupuncture treatment, according to local Fox station WDRB. After suffering from debilitating pain, which included severe migraines, she is now pain-free and living a happy life.

The girl’s mother told the news source that the family started considering seeking alternative treatment options after more traditional approaches yielded disappointing results. One of their doctors mentioned that acupuncture might be an effective treatment for the condition, which turned out to be true.

According to Ilchi Lee, there are many paths to health, and different approaches might work for various individuals. While some people may have their conditions cured by traditional medicine, more holistic methods may work better for others. Individuals have tremendous brain potential to stimulate healing and acupuncture is one way to tap into this.

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