Changing U.S. healthcare system may support personal growth

Few things play as large a role in Ilchi Lee’s teachings as health. Staying free of physical maladies can serve as a foundation from which to pursue fulfillment. Developments in the healthcare industry may soon help more people attain healthier lives through holistic practices.

For years, the U.S. healthcare system was entirely focused on treating symptoms of illness. Rather than figuring out why a person had chronic pain, the doctor would simply prescribe pain relievers. However, recent developments are helping to change all of that.

The recent healthcare reform bill had many points that encourage holistic approaches to health. For example, it begins developing models of care that reward doctors for keeping their patients well rather than for the number of procedures they supply. Additionally, the law makes alternative treatments more accessible to average patients.

These changes are just a start. They are not expected to bring about an entire new holistic approach to healthcare. But they do start the conversation and show that these ideas are beginning to permeate the society. This could help millions of people improve their health and support quests for personal growth.

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