Reading can inform, inspire and ease stress for working professionals

Reading can inform, inspire and ease stress for working professionals

Individuals who invest a lot of time and energy into their careers may risk compromising the balance of mind-body-spirit. Too much focus on a job can increase one’s revenue, but it may also hinder an individual’s well-being.

People who are consumed by their jobs may want to consider reading when they get home from work, which can provide a healthy distraction from their daily challenges. This activity allows an individual to balance their thoughts and attention, which can help improve their overall job performance.

According to, reading is a mental activity that maximizes one’s brain capacity. Maryanne Wold, director of the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University, told the media outlet that reading – unlike watching television – gives individuals a unique “pause button” for comprehension and insight.

Although many people opt to watch television or go on the Internet after a long day of work, reading a book encourages humans to use their intellect and imagination to interpret content that isn’t as clearly defined as images on a TV screen.

Furthermore, many Americans enjoy reading stories about other subjects, which can provide a unique source of enlightenment. By learning about other people’s life experiences, readers are less likely to put as much pressure on themselves.

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