Alternative treatment shown to reduce arthritis pain

Alternative treatment shown to reduce arthritis pain

While popular Western medicine remains a valuable tool for helping individuals live healthier lives, it remains unable to explain every illness that a person may have. Some diseases remain outside the scope of medical doctors to explain and treat.

For example, arthritis is an extremely painful condition that continues to vex doctors and researchers who look for cures for the debilitating disease. However, joint pain sufferers are increasingly looking to alternative approaches to their condition and finding a certain amount of relief.

Researchers from Cardiff University recently found that the traditional herb frankincense may provide a significant amount of relief from the pain experienced by arthritis patients. The team discovered that an extract of frankincense reduces inflammation in the joints, one of the main symptoms of arthritis.

The researchers said that their findings could have important implications for the future development of medications. This could be important, as Ilchi Lee says health is one of the most important things a person has in their life. Preserving it should be a top priority.

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