Spiritual growth resources abound if you know where to look

Spiritual growth resources abound if you know where to look

People seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment often travel far and read long tomes in order to guide themselves along their journey toward betterment. While these efforts can certainly make significant contributions to making positive changes, they may not always need to entail so much work.

For instance, your local libraries and bookstores are full of books aimed at helping people reach enlightenment and growth.

One such book to recently hit store shelves with great success was Ilchi Lee's The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart. In fact, the book recently ranked on the New York Times' Best Sellers list.

Lee was the founder of Dahn Yoga and is a renowned philosopher and healer. He's penned more than 30 books that act as spiritual growth resources for thousands of people worldwide.

Individuals who need help in their journeys toward betterment would do well to seek some guidance. After all, it's much easier to achieve goals with support and advice, especially when it comes from a trusted resource, such as author Lee.


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