Spiritual growth exercises can be performed anywhere

Spiritual growth exercises can be performed anywhere


Oftentimes, the one thing holding people back from bettering themselves is a lack of time and resources. However, individuals should know that spiritual growth and development require minimal effort.

For example, mind-body practices like yoga and meditation can be practiced just about anywhere and are super simple to learn. These spiritual growth exercises provide people with the alignment necessary to think clearly and function properly.

To meditate, simply find a quiet, relaxing area and sit in a comfortable position. Then, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your lungs. This easy practice has been shown to have significant benefits.

The same goes for yoga, but it's generally recommended that beginners seek out professional instruction. Yoga can be performed by just about anyone, but the exercise does come with the risk of injury or exhaustion, which is why it's important to attend classes first to learn the basics.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has penned a number of books on how to best use yoga and meditation to your advantage.

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