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The Most Beautiful Job in the World

From a translated lecture by Ilchi Lee

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Energy dance…

An Ilchi Message for the Soul

“A Flower Blossom in the Morning”

Dahn Mu (Energy Dance)
Heaven is dancing
Dancing and laughing,
Ocean and land
Are Dancing along,
Undulating to the breath of the sky;

My heart is moving
And singing,
My body coiled with strenght,
My limbs filled with power
Like a dragon about to fly;

Heaven is singing
With the mountains and sky,
My body moving silently
To the rhythm of nature,
As my heart listens to Heaven’s voice;

Skin touching nature’s warmth,
I am one with heaven and earth
As I sing
As I dance
As I cry;

My life
Conversing intimately
With all life,
Heaven is me
As I am heaven,
Nature is me
As I am nature;
Let the karma of a thousand lifetimes
Unravel in ones and twos
Through the dance of life
Dahn Mu

Infinite brain…

“We have everything, infinite possibilities in our brains although I tend to forget…
We have an infinite number of blank pages in front of us.
We can draw and erase hundreds and thousands of pictures. And just like an infinite number of blank pages that never run out,
there is an infinite number of times you can create yourself…” –Ilchi Lee.

Good news makes good brain

This site is so great – allowing me to express myself and communicate and share with like-minded people – Dahn Yoga has given me such gifts…”good news makes good brain” – happy moves create happy mind – it has helped me to grow and grow and continue to grow…nurturing for my body, mind, and soul – so additive! Thank you!

Climbing over the walls of definition

“We can genuinely open our hearts when we escape from our thoughts, emotions, ego and attachments. When our desire to define ourselves has disappeared, we can say we have opened our hearts.” – Ilchi Lee, Ki, the Language of the Soul

I’ve repeatedly found myself wanting to define everything and wanting a structure for everything. And it has gotten me into a lot of unnecessary trouble and frustration. But structure is necessary for the world to run, for us to be able to stay productive, right?

In watching my constant desire to create structure and clear definitions in my world, I came to realize the difference between and effective and counterproductive structuring. Definitions and structures are necessary so that certain situations can be molded to accomplish whatever purpose is important and necessary at the moment. But what’s important but often missed is that this structure needs to stay flexible and really moldable for each unique situation. I think I often get stuck in preconceptions about what structures are supposed to be, so I end up focusing on that more than the purpose the strucure was made for in the first place. I think this comes from not feeling deeply enough and not remember the fact that nothing in this world every stays a single form — situations always change, people change, and ”I” change.

In short, I need to stay focused on the end (my purpose) rather than the means (definitions). :)

moving forward towards a better way of living

Have you ever heard of Shambhala? It is a legendary name, of Nepal, and represents a world or way of living at a higher vibration. This higher awareness is what we are seeking, and I appreciate and honor the community of like-minded individuals. Ilchi Lee writes about many of the same themes as so many other contemporary inspirational leaders and writers, and I believe we are all working towards different views of the same future.

Health by Ilchi Lee


My sincerest wish is to provide tools which aid in the recovery of education, relationships, and harmony between humanity and nature. We carry a deep wish to create a healthier, happier, and more peaceful society. I believe in the power of this wish. I believe that the people who nurture this wish by the choices and actions that stem from their courageous insights make history. The most valuable legacy that we can pass on to future generations is the recovery of our humanity so that they can experience a deeper and more meaningful existence.

daily inspiration

If you are looking for daily inspiration, I recommend or 

Ilchi Lee, The Blessing of Age

Ilchi Lee

In the 15th century, the King of Spain granted explorer Juan Ponce De Leon a fortune to search for the legendary Fountain of Youth. He returned with nothing but a festering arrow wound that would claim his life at age 47. The literature and mythologies of the world are rife with other similarly futile attempts to find the secrets of eternal youth, ranging from the Greek heroes’ disastrous attempts to trick the gift of immortality from the gods to Gilgamesh’s useless search for legendary youth-restoring herbs.

Ilchi Lee, Dahn Yoga, Ilchi Lee Dahn Hak

And of course, only truth could be more bizarre than fiction. Humans have tried everything imaginable to eliminate the effects of time. In the 19th century, many men had goat’s testicles implanted in their abdomens in order to restore the virility of their youth. Today, heads sit frozen in cryogenic chambers, awaiting transplant onto new, youthful bodies in the future. Yet, the dream of everlasting youth has remained elusive. The moral of these stories is always the same: Age happens.

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